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Virtual Home Tours - How Do They Work?

As Covid-19 spread panic across the world, and governments enforced lockdowns, preventing prospective home buyers from carrying out house viewings, virtual house tours have becoming increasingly important and popular in the housing market.

Virtual tours (sometimes called 3D walkthroughs or 3D tours) is a technology that allows prospective homebuyers to virtually tour a property on sale without visiting it in person. They can control the tour and navigate through the home checking every corner of a property with a few clicks without having to actually visit the home.

6 BENEFITS OF VIRTUAL HOUSE TOURS DURING COVID-19 LOCKDOWN The advantages of home virtual tours are indispensable, especially since both sellers and buyers are staying at home to maintain social distancing.

1. Reduces Sales Time Listing your home, accompanied by a virtual tour, will offer more exposure to the housing market. Every look at your listing becomes a showing, and that could help you sell your home faster.

2. Saves on Time and Viewing Costs A virtual house tour can help both home sellers and buyers to save time and costs associated with viewing. As a seller, you won’t have to prepare and vacate your home every time a prospective buyers want to view your property. As a homebuyer, you do not need to visit each house you are interested in, in your search, you can tour them virtually and narrow down your search before physically visiting them. Out of town homebuyers benefit the most helping them save on travel costs.

3. Highly Versatile for Marketing Your Home Virtual house tours are incredibly versatile for marketing your home. A virtual tour can be integrated into your web pages, social media, and marketing emails. Notably, you can also use the technology to present a house that’s not yet ready for sale, helping you market your property as a 'Coming Soon' creating anticipation and interest early.

4. Presents Great Virtual Floor Plans Home virtual tours give prospective homebuyers an excellent feel for an entire house floor plan and the flow of your home. The buyers can quickly access the layout of the property, and if impressed, they will request for an in-person private showing. As a seller, a stunning virtual house tour has the potential to attract more qualified buyers.

5. Promotes Your Listing Traffic Views It’s no doubt that house listings with virtual tours receive more clicks than listings with only home images. If you’re a home seller, your agent can drive tons of traffic to your listing by incorporating virtual tours into their marketing efforts. This will attract hundreds of buyers interested in your home and will keep your visitors engaged longer. 6. Builds Trust Adding virtual house tours of your home listing can help win the buyers’ trust and confidence to close a deal. The buyer will develop a genuine interest in your property and feel themselves living in it and owning it. The virtual tours also prove your credibility, by the feeling of transparency because of their ability to tour the home on their terms, building trust in the property and the deal.

FINAL WORDS Now that you understand how virtual house tours work, and the value they offer to both the selling and buying experience, you would be well served to take advantage on them in your next home buying or selling endeavor.

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